• Jimmy Finley

Protecting your Security Footage

Anytime you have a video security system installed in your home or business, you would want the highest level of security privacy. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing what kind of security camera system to have in your home your business:

1. Improper Installation: A Dangerous Path for Cyber Attacks

Most of today's video security systems are internet connected. It is important to understand the value of a properly installed system to ensure personal privacy.

The internet is flooded with DIY systems that allow you to easily install a security camera in a "plug and play" manner. Let's be real, a company trying to sell a DIY product would't be very successful if it required a highly trained installer on each job site. The problem with easy installation is the form of security embedded into the device or lack of security that is utilized to make these systems so easy to install.

Typically, a professionally trained installer knows how to setup a system in a manner that offers the highest level of protection to you and your family.

2. Network Concerns: A Potential Recipe for Disaster

When you installed your security system and ran it through your home's network did you take any measures to ensure you weren't opening up a doorway for hackers? If you used a DIY system, chances are you were instructed by the company to just plug it up and you'd be all set. There is a possibility that you just opened your network to the world.

Do you know the company that is operating/manufacturing your system? How secure are you if the company is using a sub for work in another country that doesn't even give background checks to their employees? Keep in mind that each state differs, however, in those such as Louisiana, it is mandatory that each security technician passes an FBI background check.

3. Best Practices

Consult a licensed security company to evaluate your properties needs.

Do your research. Utilize sources such as Google, Yelp, and other forms of social media to determine the credibility of your security provider.

Change your security system's password frequently.

Verify that the company you choose is in fact licensed and insured. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies that cheat the system to get ahead. Yes, they may be cheaper, but you are putting yourself and your insurance at a HUGE risk by letting someone in your door that has no license or insurance.

4. Let's be Real by Jimmy

Do I think that some hacker is sitting back attempting to gain access to your exterior cameras and watch your front yard? Nope. But I do believe it's important to understand that if you're not careful, you can blend your cameras into your network and create larger issues. You are playing with fire if you are taking something you bought online, from a company that you have no idea where they are based out of, and just hooking it up to your network.



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