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Dome Vs. Turret Cameras

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

It's always better to prevent a burglary than deal with it later. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to review any footage you would hope that your system was operating at its fullest potential, right?

While different cameras may have the exact same components from one housing to another, they may not all offer the same quality of images.

Dome Cameras

Dome security cameras are named after their dome & circular shape. Their glass dome prevents the inner components from getting damaged from environmental factors such dust and moisture.

The main benefit of a dome camera is that they are vandal resistant. Most of your current models require a special tool to remove the glass, making it much more difficult to gain entry to the camera itself. They also provide a cleaner look for interior applications.

The Flaws of Dome Cameras

While dome cameras may have a cleaner look on the outside, the image quality may become diminished over time. We install a lot of security cameras in Louisiana and are constantly battling humidity. The curved glass in front of the lens causes a glare issue once it gets any moisture (humid environments) on the glass. Another issue are environments such as kitchens that have a constant change of temperature, steam, frying grease, etc. In the photo below, you can see that the image is pretty sub par for this dome camera.

We aren't completely knocking dome cameras. They definitely have their place in the security world. However, always keep in mind that the environment will play a major factor on how your security cameras perform after a few months of being installed.

Turret Cameras

Turret cameras or eyeball cameras utilize a flat facing that keeps the lens of the cameras as well as the IR apart from one another.

The major benefits that come with having a turret camera is that they are easy to install as well as the flat face lowers the chances of having any glaring issues.

All models that we install today are rated at IP66 or IP67 so they do provide a high level of protection for all environments.

The Results

Even in humid conditions, the turret cameras performance is much better than what the dome cameras provide. The image below is much more crisp and was actually taken right after a long period of rain.

The 03 Closeout

There is a reason why we use turret cameras over dome cameras on almost every job. We do utilize dome cameras in office environments but it is really rare. With today's technology we just see a much higher image quality with turret cameras. The only argument we've ever come across is that dome cameras look better. Personally, I think they both look great and wouldn't choose my security system based on appearance.


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